40Issue date: 2013


Berezovets D.Т. Diary of archaeological secret services on Putyvl Land in 1947

Bilinskyi O.O. To the diary of D.T. Berezovets

Chornous A.M., Zvagelska O.V. The parish record of Chernigiv eparchy of Krolevets district, Spaske village, Chuech of the Transfiguration

Demydenko N. M. Gregory A. Polіtika (1725-1774) – social activist, historian, translator, lawyer

Fedorenko Y.A. Features transforming social infrastructure Ukrainian village in the end of the XX – вeginning of the ХХІ: historical аspect

Halchinsky V.L. (Kyiv) The O.Fedorov – organizer of military deversions of Chernihiv- Volin junction against nazist occupants on the territory of Volyn and Polissia in 1943

Goncharenko L.L., Olitskiy V.O. Coverage of renunciation and the fate of the Emperor Nicholas II in the Sumy region, 1917-1918: based on the documents of the State Archives of Sumy region

Ivanyuk O.L. “Poltavski province news” about preparation for the All-Russian census in 1897

Ivanyuk I.A. Enlightenmental and cultural activity connected with regulation of collection of books in St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery library by bishop Irynei Falkovsky

Kazakov M.V. Historiography of orthodox brotherhoods of the Late Imperial period

Kazmirchuk M. G. The Russians in the social-economic progress of Kyiv guberniya at the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century

Lemish N. O. Composition and organization of work with incoming documents in the Office of Chernihiv civil governor in the first half of the 19th c.

Nitchenko A.G. Life and death of V.M. Ammosov: finishing touches to the tragic fate

Pirozhkov G.P. Native land and local history technologies and the interaction of culture and education

Rozhkova L.I. Rewiev of the collection of documents and materials “Inakodumstvo na Sumshchyni (Dissidence in Sumy region)”

Rozhkova L.I. Deploying repression of engineering – technical intellectuals in early 1930-ies: case “Industrial Party” and its branch in Sumy

Salata O.О. Evolution of museum as a cultural socio in the conditions of process of globalization

Mykola Shkriblyak. Moscow-Stambul dyplomacy and transitions of Kiev Metropolitan under authorities of Moscow patriarch

Suprunenko О. В. V. I. Vernadsky and archeology of Poltava region

Vеprіv Roman. Staffing agriculture of Ivano-Frankivsk region (1964-1991)

Vlasenko V. N. The second wave of interwar Ukrainian political emigration in South-Eastern Europe

Zhmaka V.M. Expensive parts of budgets of cities of Left-bank Ukraine in 20th of ХХth century

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