33-34Issue date: 2011


Yevtushenko O. Command post of the 4th Battalion 5th airborne Brigade 3rd airborne Corps (s.Taranske, Konotopskiy district, Sumy region)

Panchenko Y.V. Democracy as a tendency of world development

Lega  A.Yu. The  Ukrainian peace-making subunits acts in Iraq (2003-2005)

Chernenko O.Y. The women jeweler decorations from excavations of “Prince’s tower” in Novgorod-Seversky

Muderevych V.I. Political-military and dynastic relations of Russ with the Czech at the second half of 12th century

Dehtyaryov S.I. Activities in the education system of the Russian Empire for the needs of the bureaucracy in the second quarter of the ХІХ century

Minakov A.S. The reports on the state of Chernihiv province (1804-1914): the identification and use

Fedorova L.D. To the history of national forms museums in Ukraine: Kiev Art and Industry and Science Museum

Kapitan L.I. Ethno-national dimension of “sovietization” in Transcarpathia: power  and intelligence

Georgisov G.M. Relations between peasants and Soviet government during the transition to collective forms of management

V.G. Troian. Test of captivity (the 70 th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War)

Klymenko V.V. Social and living conditions of USSR industrial cooperation workers in the postwar period (1944-1950)

Chernobrov I.V. The role of Sumy Region’s country doctors in the development of medicine

Kudinov D. V. “Sumy revolutionary group” (“Fakel”): historical review of the first Social Democratic organization in Sumy

Margulov A.H. National-cultural vector development of Assyrians of the city Romny in 1920-1930

Ignatusha О.О. Theodor Markcity – foreigner or compatriot? (Concerning the question of the social status of the foreigner specialists on Dniprobud)

Lemish N.O. M.M. Plokhinskyi and his work “Archives of Chernihiv Province”

Artyukh V.O. The Historiosophy of Nikolay Kostomarov

Gordin A. Portrait of man against the background of the history

Pylypiv I.V. National-state ideology in the activity of Bishop Andrey Sheptyzkyi and Bishop Grygoriy Homyshyn in the circumstances of ZYNR and between-war period

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