26-27Issue date: 2009


Kornienko O.M. The frontier service of Sumy Cossack Regiment in the XVII-XVIII cent.

Nikitin Y.O. The relations of the municipal public administrations with the local authorities and zemstvos in 1870-1900 (Chernigivska and Kharkivska provinces are taken as examples)

Rudyk O.V. The Judicial Situation of the Local Authorities of the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

Boroday I.S. From the history of becoming and development of sericulture in Ukraine

Slalata O.O. Disinformation as a constituent of informative space, created on occupied territory

Olyanych V.V Territorially-geographical and branch placing of the country domestic establishments in the USSR in the 20ies of the XX century

Idris N.O. Investigation of career as a factor defining the choice of communication language in the cities of Ukrainian SSR at the period of «Ukrainization» in 20th – at the beginning of 30th of XX century

Tovtyn Ya.I. 15-year war and its role in Turkish expansion of Slovak land (1593-1606)

Zabolotna L.L. Contribution of scientific conception of 40–80 years of XIX century to forming of German colonial policy

Goncharenko A.V. Evolution the British-Russian contradictions on the Eastern question (November 1875 – April 1876)

Nikolenko J.V. Policy of the Russian empire in regard to peasant trades in the period of 70-90-ies of ХІХ century

Klapchuk V.M. Education in Guzulshyna in XIX – the first third of XX centuries

Averina-Lugova D.U. The food ration of the Crimean city dwellers at the end of the ХIХ – beginning of the ХХ century (Simferopol)

Kudinov D.V. Social and political activity of teachers and pupils in Sumy during the Revolution 1905 – 1907

Chernobrov I.V. Recalled names of scientists-medics

Vasylyev K.K. Professor S.B. Dubrovinsky (1885-1975) and his Recollections “Of the Memorable Meetings”

Dubrovinsky S.B. About the Memorable Meetings and Contacts with the Key Personalities of Soviet Preventive Medicine. (From the Recollections of an Old Epidemiologist)

Starodubtsev G.Yu. Gochevo’s complex (annalistic Rimov) – city of XI-XIV centuries in southeast Rus

Yevtushenko A.V. Examples of ancient Russian arms in the collection of Konotop Local History Museum

Starikov G.N. The State of Archive File in Ukraine in the Beginning of 20th of the XX Cent. (Based on Correspondence of D. Bagaliy)

Kovalenko L.I. The problem of using of the documentary materials of Sumy Archives  for the development of historical science  (1939 – the early 1941 years)

Bezdrabko V.V. P. Otle and guide for administration: ideas and vectors of development

Vlasenko V.M. Correspondence of K. Matzievych with S. Petliura 1920-1923 as sours of history of Ukrainian emigration in Romania

Glushan O.V. Ukrainian University Group for the League of Nations: materials to the history of the organization

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