Improve dialog categorization of the methods for risk assessment of еnvironmental danger economical activities

Vladimirov Lyubomir Vladimirov
Doctor of Science, Associate Professor,
University of Ruse, Bulgaria
Hristova Кrassimira Gencheva
Head Assistant Professor,
Military Medical Academy, Bulgaria

  • The purpose of this work is to propose an advanced categorization of methods for risk assessment of environmentally hazardous sites that will help the consumers. To achieve it three tasks are solved: 1. Defining features of categorization methods; 2. Classification of methods for risk assessment; 3. Compilation of a catalog, which allows easy and proper choice of methods for analysis of environmental risk and application in solving practical problems.
  • 1. Vladimirov, L. Riskmetry in environmental security. Varna, Varna Free University. 2009.
    2. Vladimirov, L. Evaluation of the risk of occurrence of critical emergencies. Monograph. Ruse, Mediateh, 2011.
    3. Vladimirov, L. Systematic methods for risk analysis. Part I and II. Gabrovo, Technical University, International Conference “Unitech 07″, 2007. рр. II289-II295; рр. ІІ296-II301.
  • risk, analysis, classification, systematization
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