Ethno-national dimension of “sovietization” in Transcarpathia: power and intelligence

Kapitan L.I. Ethno-national dimension of “sovietization” in Transcarpathia: power  and intelligence

  • Destructive influence of campaign for the ideological control of intellectual freedom intellectuals of Transcarpathia, which was part of the national Sovietization policy is examined. Author emphasizes that in the postwar period system of moral beliefs of scientific and pedagogic intellectuals of Transcarpathia depended on the guidelines of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and these processes in the 1940-50s in the whole Ukrainian SSR had ruinous affect on the scientific and pedagogic intellectuals and they also hindered development of native science, impoverished national culture.
  • Zakarpattia, Ukraine, postwar period, Sovietization, and pedagogic intellectuals, ideology, nationalism, authorities, political and administrative pressure
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