Article submission guidelines


The Editorial Board publishes only those articles, that are made in accordance with the requirements of the Presidium of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 № 7-05/1 (Report HAC Ukraine. – 2003. – № 1).

Materials must be submitted electronically. The text should be prepared in rtf or doc  formats.  A printed copy should be signed at the end by the author.

The next details about the author should be filed as a separate file: surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, academic status, place of employment and job title, contact address and phone numbers, e-mail.

To the text authors should add: abstract in Ukrainian, Russian  (each up to 250 characters) and English (up to 4000 characters). Illustrations should be made  in  electronic form.

Sources and literature should be given at the end of the text in order of their references with indication of the total number of pages of the publication. Bibliographic description of work should be given in a complete form.

Materials submitted to the Editors are peer-reviewed. On that basis they can be recommended for publication, returned for improvement or rejected.

The materials, made in violation of these rules, will not be considered and will not be returned to authors.

Editorial address:

40007, Sumy, st. Rimsky-Korsakov, 2, G-802


Tel. (+38-0542) 33-40-98

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