36-37Issue date: 2012


Orlov V. M. The main approaches to the classification and typology of new religious movements in modern Ukrainian and foreign studies

Vozny I.P.  The History of the Research, Establishment Stages, and the Development of Medieval Khotyn

Fedoruk A.V.  The Evolution of Close Settlements on territory between the Upper Syret and Middle Dnister in 8th – 13th Centuries

Vovk O.V. Modern historiography of antibolshevist peasant insurgent movement in Ukraine (late 10th – early 30th of XX century)

Gerasimenko O.V. Elucidation the peasant movement (1900 – 1917 years) in the Left-bank Ukraine in the modern historiography

Vereschaginа N.v.  The Vyshgorodskiy memorial and borisoglebskie relicts in the context of forming of the ancient Kiev cult complex

Lemish N.O. Features of the construction, operation and reorganization of the provincial government of Chernihiv in the first half of the 19th c.

Zhmaka V.M. The trade in the cities of Left-bank Ukraine in the years of NEPs

Lukyanenko O.V. “Language issue” among educators of the USSR during de-Stalinization times

Azarch I.S. Mental “world view” of the Ukrainian people through the prism of poetic folklore

Kazakov M.А. The legend of the deluge in world folklore: geographical location, origin, essence

Chernobrov I.V. The history of higher education for women in the Russian Empire

Artyukh V.O. Panteleimon Kulish’s Historiosophy: from Romanticism to Positivism

Rakhno O.Y. Zemstvo activity of the count V.O. Musin-Pushkin

Staviskiy V.I.  About the features of anthroponimics in the cossack environment of Slobozhanschina of XVII – XVIII vv.  (On materials of population census of Akhtyrskiy cossack regiment’s belchanska sotnia)

Morozova A.V. From the history of the Commune “The Working Brotherhood of the Erect of the Cross” (1919-1924)

Barabash Yu.V. Electrical building and energy supply in Donbass in the 1920’s

Pirozhkov H.P. Education Program-Compendium “History and Culture of the Tambov region” of the Tambov Centre of the Local history

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