35Issue date: 2011


Shcherban T.Y. Historical preconditions of the rise of Albanian-Serbian conflict in Kosovo

Vlasenko V. Ukrainian community in Bulgaria (according to the Paris weekly “Tryzub”)

Azarch I.S. The historical objectivity of poetic images Cossack-Muslim confrontation

Kazakov M.V. Revival of church brotherhoods’ movement in the Kyiv eparchy in the beginning of the 1860’s

Ivanyuk O.L. State apparatus preparation for first russiawide census at 1897

Chrystenko V.V. The religious expansion of Bucharest in Odessa region

Moskalyuk M.M. To the problem of the formation of workers manufacturing Ukrainian provinces of the Russian Empire in the second half of the XIX – beginning of the XX cent.

Gorbatyuk O.О. The problems of school education in Kyiv at the end of the Second world war and in the first post-war years

Kapitan L.I. The problems of learning the native language of ethnic communities in Transcarpathia postwar period

Kotsur G.G. Authenticity of Petro Kalnyshevsky’s Portrait: new vision

Kushnirov P.V., Mengozzi A. The wreath from Pavlo Ivanovich Kharitonenko has remained till now on the tomb of Aristide Croisy in France, isn’t it?

Halchinsky V.L. Alexei  Fyodorov the   leader of the people’s struggle against Nazism’s occupants in Chernihiv region in 1941-1943

Teletov A.S.  To the memory of fellow-countryman

Chernobrov I.V. The role of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in the development of medicine

Lobko N. V. From the history of the nurseries in Sumy region (the beginning of the ХХ cent.)

Sadivnychiy V.O. Stepan Korshun personality: editor of the newspaper

Ignatusha A.E. The protestant communities in Sumy region of the 20-30th in the XX cent.

Yanovskiy Y.М. The history of the western huns of the end of  the IV-middle of the VI cent. in the historiographical coverage

Zvagelsky V.B.  Study of the  ancient communications of Left-bank Ukraine (historiography of the issue)

Gerasimenko O.V. The peasant movement in the Left-bank Ukraine (1900-1917 years) in the Soviet historiography

Chernenko O.E. The written records of ancient Novgorod-Seversky

Bilynskyi O. O. New finds of Scythian daggers from the territory of Sumy region

Gordienko R. A. Bronze tool from Khomino village



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