28-29Issue date: 2009


Nikitin Y.O. Cultural and economic activity of municipal structures in the last part of the 19-th century (Chernihiv province as an example)

Rudyk О.V. The local Authorities’ Activity in the Medical Service Sphere in 1870-1917 (Kharkiv Province as an example)

Gerasymchuk O.M. Discussion in Chernihiv local committees of communal land tenure influence on a condition of agriculture

Starykov G.M. The activity of the Commission on study the social and economic history of Ukraine in VIII-XIX century (1929-1934)

Krainyk R.M. Purges at industrial enterprises and railway transport in the South region of Ukraine (1937)

Salata O.O. Information-ideological policy of German occupation administration concerning the ethnic Germans in Ukraine in 1941-1944

Azarh I.S. Ukrainians in German slavery

Drobotenko N.A. Historiography of state creation development of independent Ukraine (1990-begin XXI cent.)

Goncharenko A.V. Intensifying of contradictions between Britain and Russia concerning the Eastern question in the period of Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878

Goncharenko L.L. O. Bismarck and the expansion policy of the German colonialists in East Africa in 1885-1886

Laskavyi D.V. Beginning of international struggle for the Persian and Mesopotamian oil. D’Arcy concession

Drach O.О. Higher female education in Kharkov (The second part of ХІХ – beginning of ХХ century): macro and microanalysis of the problem

Averina-Lugova D.U. City and “free love”: Simferopol in the late nineteenth-early twentieth century

Ignatusha O.M. Zaporizhia region in the period of the 1-st World War

Kunets V.V. Horse breeding in Ukraine: Mykhailivskyi stud farm in 20-th years of the ХХ century

Bazhan O.,  Zolototarev D. The commander of “The Great Terror” in Sumy region (Oleksii Kudrynskii)

Zvagelskyi V.B. About the old ferriages of Middle Sejm

Voznyi I.P. Utility settlements of Х-ХІV centuries on the territory between the upper and Middle Dniester

Found settlement of Scythian culture. Bielinska L.I., Zvahelska O.V., Nimenko N.A., Fedchenko L.A., Dehtiarov S.I., Zvahelskyi V.B.

Degtyaryov S.I. Nepluevs and Nadarginskys’ land case as an example of disput between landowners of Slobidska Ukraine in XVIII cent.: analysis of source and description of events

Berezovskyi O.M. The Ukrainian party press of Naddnypryansсhyna 1905-1914 in native historiography

Kovalenko L.I. The activity of the Sumy Archives for satisfying spiritual needs of the society on the eve and in the period of the Great Patriotic War

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