25Issue date: 2008


Kovalenko V.P. Ancient Russian Monasteries in Chernihiv Cities

Chernenko O.Y. Chernihiv of XIII-XIVcenturies in the aspect of new archeological researches

Veremeychyk O.M. Treasures of Women Decorations and Archeological Monuments of L’giv and Nyzkivka

Nimenko N.A. The History of One Book (for the 75-th Anniversary of the Edition of the Monograph “Mariupil Burial Ground” by M.O. Makarenko)

Dehtyaryov S.І. The usage of district courtsmaterials for genealogical and biographical research: the analysis of the sources

Goncharenko A.V. Russian pre-revolutionary and Soviet-Russian historiography of the British-Russian relations in a context of Eastern question in 70-80-th ХІХ century

Heyda O.S. Sumy Region Church History in Church Periodicals in Chernihiv-Siversk region of the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century

Sugatska N.V. Collaboration Press and Attitude of the Population of southern Ukraine towards anti-Semitic propaganda

Vlasenko V.M. The Emergency Diplomatic Mission of Ukrainian People’s Republic in Romania – the organizer of social and political life of Ukrainian Immigration

Bazhan O.G. Repression politics of the soviet power in Kyiv region in 1919 – in the first half of 1930

Svystovych S.M. Methodological Principles of Social Evaluation of Socialist Changes in Ukraine in 20-30-th of XX century

Iliuk T.V. The contribution of cultural activity of twin cities to Ukrainian-Greek contacts development

Pyliavets Y.G., Ivashchenko L.I., Pyliavets R.I. Food Supply of Prisoners in the Correctional Institutions of the USSR in the first post-war decade (1945-1955)

Panchenko Y.V. The priorities in foreign policy of M.Thatcher (1979-1990)

Drobotenko N.A. The Participation of Ukraine in Conferential Diplomacy in 90-th of the XX century

Maslov M.P. Development of handicraft tile industry in Ukraine in the second half of XIX – the first third of XXth century

Trubchaninov M.А. Professional preparation of Ukrainian handicraftsmen – the producers of agricultural tools (second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century)

Nikolenko Y.V. The Participation of Ukrainian Settlers in Handicraft Industry Development in Siberia at the end of XIX – beginning of XX century

Makarska А.І. The transformation and destruction of the economic structure and mode of life of the Ukrainian monasteries in the 20-th in XX century

Sanduliak І.G. Tourist Firms and Hotel Business Activities in Chernivtsi and its Region in BetweenWar period

Bodnariuk В.M. Palestina Lavras in Late 5th – Early 6th Centuries: Reasons And Outcomes of Decline

Ignatusha О.M.,Okorokova І.G. Ukrainian and Russian new-pagan religion in the comparative aspects

Pobozhy S.I. Yulia Brazol’ and Sumy Region. Historical and Local Lore Aspects of Investigation of the Artist’s Creative Work

Zaitseva Z.I. Ukrainian painting in the context of the process of nation formation at the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX century: Figures of Artists, Exhibitions, Art Searches

Artiukh V.O. Yulian Vassiian: History, Historiosophy, Historical Memory

Sadivnychyi V.O. “…Having Thrown Off The Rags of the Fake Word”

Ancient Sumy Land’s Laureates

Nikitin Y.O. The contribution of municipal structures to the public welfare of the cities in 1870-1900 (on the examples of Chernihivska, Poltavska, Kharkivska and Katerynoslavska provinces)

Ivaniyuk O.L. The ethnic structure of city population of Kharkiv province according to Russia Empire Census in 1897

Chernobrov I.V. Ways of Development of Sanitary Organization in Sumy Region

Stryapko I.O. The attempts to create the National museum in Zakarpattia by public organization “Prosvita” in 1920-1937

Nikolayenko S.P. Renewaland And Activation of Activity of State Local Lore Museums in Sumy Region in Postwar Period (Mid 1940ies – Second Half 1950ies)

Bugriy V.S. Using of Regional Ethnography Material at Sumy Region Schools While Learning History (50-60th of ХХ century)

Zvagelsky V.B. On the motherland of “TheNarrative of Ihor’s Regiment”

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In memory of Oleh V. Sukhobokov

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