43-44Issue date: 2014


Balukh V. О. The evolution of town conditions and town civils in polish society during the 15th – 17th centuries

Volkova О. Yu. Polish secret movement of the first quarter of the XIX century on the Right-Bank Ukraine in the works of Russian historians

Demydenko N. M. A spokesman for social harmony Vyacheslav Lypynsky and his views on the processes of state-building in Ukraine in the 1920ies

Kedun I. S. To the history of the development of saltpetre production in Novgorod-Siversky

Korol V. M. The material base of labour reserves educational institutions of Ukraine during the recovery period (1943-1950)

Lemish N. O. History of the first manual on documentation as a source of formation of science paper

Malyarchuk О. M. Formation of chemical industry in Precarpathian region: progress and problems

Nikitin Yu. O. The main occupations of the urban population of Сhernigіv province in the second part of the 19th century

Osadchyi Yu. H. Mazepa: the true, factitious, false. Second part. Beginning in № XLI-XLII

Pekarchuk V.M. Ways to ensure the cultural needs and the promotion of cultures of ethnic groups in Ukraine: trends 1990 – 2000ies

Savchenko S. V. “This is a song of my soul”: Olena Apanovich in preservation of Zaporizka Sich in late 1980 – early 1990

Samoilenko O.H. Political and regulatory framework of history education’s functioning in the Russian empire in the first half of the nineteenth century

Balukh A. V. Bukovina as part of the Moldavian state in the years 1563-1600: the military and political aspects

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