Issue date: 1996


Zvagelskyi V.B. To the history of investigation of “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign”

Zvagelskyi V.B.  About the localization of the river Kaiala

Shchavelev S.P. The anniversary of Samokvasov D. Ya.

Osadchyi Yu.H. member of the Academy of Sciences Mykola Vasylenko

Vlasenko V.M. Forgotten architect Sergii Tymoshenko

Zvagelskyi V.B. “The truth should come first” (To the biography of M. Makarenko and M. Ernst)

Pobozhii S.I. The unknown correspondence of D. Gordieiev and B. Rudniev

Motsia B. O. Battle of Konotop of June 29, 1659 – Apogee of the activity of I.Vyhovsky

Sadivnychyi V. О. A General and a writor

Vlasenko V.M. About the Foundation of Sumy Alexander Gymnasium

Tkachenko A.О., Mysenko V.О. On the question of history of Sumy Host Resurrection Church

Return of Academician Mykola Svitalskyi

Pobozhii S.I. Reproduction of destroyed churches on linocuts


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