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Vozny I. P. (Chernivtsi) Tools for Writing in the 12th – early 13th Centuries on the Territory of South-Western Rus

Hutkovska I. V. (Chernivtsi) Sacred in art: ancient Egyptian sculpture through the prism of religious outlook

Gostenina V. I., Koryukin A. P. (Bryansk) Corporate culture: paradigms of realization in modern Russia’s fuel – energy branch

Malyarchuk О. M. (Ivano-Frankivsk) The structure of the population of Ukraine (1913-1994): using the workforce

Deliya O. V. (Poltava) Housing policy of the Bolsheviks in 1919-1921 years: everyday aspect

Zaika V. V. (Hlukhiv) Hlukhiv teachers training institute in the education system of the north-eastern part of Ukraine in the second half of the XIX-th century and the beginning of the XX-th century

Glavatsky M. V. (Kyiv) Cultural and educational activity of the German occupying authority on the territory of the general district “Kyiv” in 1941-1944

Melnikov S. L. (Bryansk) Administration of higher education in democratic countries

Panchenko V. I. (Chernigiv) I. P. Bilokonsky about the position and role of zemstvo self-government in social and political life

Magurchak  A. M. (Kyiv) Andriy Zhuk and Ukrainian People’s Party: the sketches to the political biography

Teletov O. S. (Sumy) Infectionist Zinovii Krasovytskyi: scientist and practician (to the 90th anniversary)

Podrez J. V. (Sumy) Pottery crafts development all over Eastern Slobozhanshyna and participation of Ukrainian ethnic population in it (in the late 19th – early 20th century)

Nitchenko A.G. (Chernigiv) Formіng of Public Organizations’ City Executive Committees in Spring 1917 (by the Example of Chernihiv and Katerynoslav Provinces)

Vеprіv R. V. (Ivano-Frankivsk) Agricultural staffing of Ivano-Frankivsk region (1964-1991)

Parish’s hronicle of Chernigov diocese in Krolevetsk district, Spaske village, of  the Church of Transfiguration. Preparation for printing and publishing of Chernous A.M., Zvagelskaya O.V.

Osadchyi Yu. H. (Sumy) Mazepa: the true, factitious, false

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